Cape May County High School Students Attend Atlantic Cape Early College Program’s First Environmental Science Day

10/23/2023 |媒体联系人:David Zuba, Public Relations Manager and Copywriter | (609) 343-4933

CAPE MAY POINT——近40名学生, 还有他们的老师, from Cape May County Technical High School and Lower Cape May High School attended the Atlantic Cape Community College Early College Program’s inaugural Environmental Science Day at the Cape May Point Science Center in Cape May Point on October 20.

Science Center President Robert Mullock speaks to the high school studentsScience Center President Robert Mullock welcomed all during his initial remarks where he talked about the long and illustrious history of the property, 该中心领导的保护和教育工作, 还有土地的种类, 空气和海洋生物渗透在开普梅角环境中. 皇冠现金官方网站APP科学系主任Kenneth Cabarle, 今天是谁陪他上200级的生物课, 在开幕致辞中也向出席者致意.

Atlantic Cape professors and Science Center staff members guided the students through various workshops.

Professor Richard Perello discusses the environmental dynamic at the beachAssistant Professor of Environmental Science Richard Perello excitedly led his group of students down to the sandy beaches amidst crashing ocean waves to study the unique flora and fauna that thrive there, as well as the dozens of camouflaged ghost crabs that burrow holes in the sand and are practically unnoticeable to the distant naked eye.

Assistant Professor of Biology Raymond Keller showed his groups of students the fascinating world of environmental microbiology under the powerful lenses of the microscope. Inquiring eyes got to peer into samples on glass slides to view all types of microscopic lifeforms. 开普梅角科学中心科学运作主任. Sean Burcher discussed the reasons why researchers track wildlife for species conservation.

雷蒙德·凯勒教授讨论环境微生物学“The education that the students got today from seeing and hearing from the professors and scientists was awesome,汉娜·托夫特说, 开普梅理工学院的自然科学教师. “我们(老师)总是在课堂上谈论这些概念, 但对于他们(学生)来说,要实际动手, and to have microbiologists teach them about what’s in the sand and water was great.”

Professor of Astronomy and Earth Science David Jungblut and Professor of Science James Sacchinelli discussed the effects of, and presented a slideshow and live demonstrations on storm damage and coastal erosion, and how the two have played a significant role along the developed New Jersey coast.

Professor David Jungblut discusses storm surge and coastal damage with students“作为一个地质学家, I have always been interested in how the world works and today we have been trying to show these students the different dynamics and forces that are involved with our environment,Jungblut说. “I hope the students today have learned that there are different ways to look at things and learn in science, 地球科学是一切事物和力的基础, 自然界和生物学在某种程度上都与这个地球有关.”

Toft was impressed how the presentations by professors Jungblut and Sacchinelli enlightened her students and allowed them to understand how these environmental dynamics affect those living near the shore.

“听到侵蚀是多么有趣, 海平面上升和所有这些风暴影响着人们的生活, 不仅仅是从环境的角度来看, 但是从保险的角度, 索赔和税收,托夫特接着说. “It was really cool to hear all those concepts be brought into it so that they (students) understand that our ecological health in Cape May County also affects our economic health.”

Students from Cape May Tech and Lower Cape May high schools pose for a group photoSeveral students from Cape Tech and Lower Cape May high schools discussed what topics interested them most.

“今天我学到了很多. 我喜欢手机跟踪和学习无线电标签, 它们的工作原理以及它们是如何制造的,开普梅科技高中三年级学生贾斯汀·沃克说, who would like to study biology at Liberty University after graduating. “I also learned a lot today about the dunes and how they work, and the natural flora and fauna too.”

下开普梅高中高年级学生阿比盖尔·拉格雷斯, 谁想明年去斯托克顿大学读护理专业, 对她在科学中心的一天印象最深的是什么.

“I thought everything was really good, really well organized, and very interactive and inclusive. 他们不只是对房间里的一个人说话. They made sure they made contact with everybody by letting us ask questions and making us think deeper,” Lagares said.

讲习班结束后, 学生们吃了一顿含三明治的午餐, chips, 出发前的甜点有饮料和饼干.

Atlantic Cape’s Early College Program partners with local high schools to provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit while enrolled in high school through options including dual credit, 并发的课程, 明确的学分和相关途径, which allow the student to earn college credits while shortening the time and cost it takes to earn an associate’s degree. Visit atlanticcape.edu/earlycollege to learn more.

开普梅角科学中心入口The Cape May Point Science Center stands today to accomplish its mission of protecting the environment, and the marine and avian species that rely upon the ecosystem surrounding the facility, which is located on the southern tip of Cape May where the Atlantic Ocean means the Delaware Bay just steps from the sea.

The Cape May Point Science Center has a lengthy history that dates back to 1889 when it opened as the Shoreham Hotel. 多年来,它一直被用作老年人之家.S. 第二次世界大战期间和最近的军队财产, 1909 - 2022之间, 它是圣. 费城的约瑟夫,海边的圣玛丽. In March 2022, Mullock, who is also the President/Co-Founder of the Cape May National Golf Course, 从可能被拆除的建筑物中抢救出来. Visit capemaypointsciencecenter.org to learn more.



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